Friday 22 June 2012

End of WR

Dear readers,

I have closed the blog 'Welsh Ramblings' which I wrote for 3 years, though the history of the blog goes back much further. I have limited time and have gradually lost enthusiasm for writing blogs, so its time to take a step back.

Thanks for the feedback and comments.


- "Our aim is to fuse patriotic Welshness with radical socialism"- Jonathan Edwards MP


  1. Welsh Ramblings has proven that there is another way of thinking within Welsh politics, against a tirade of tiresome and outdated flow of policy from a lacklustre Welsh Labour party.

    It must be congratulated on challenging the great thinkers of Welsh politics messrs Taylor, Hain, Hedges et al and I hope it makes a comeback very soon.

    It is only with a real grip of Welsh infused socialism that delivers prosperity, equality and social justice to the people of Wales will we move forward as a nation and escape from the shadow of the English red rose.

  2. A huge loss to Welsh online political commentary. Always coming from a consistent view point and a good mix of passionate nationalism and pragmatism. Hope you relaunch the blog in the future or perhaps start another one.

    1. Very sad news from a huge fan in Oz, hopefully you'll return in the future as our politics are virtually identical!
      Gareth Jones,

  3. Naaaaaaa :'( Tyrd nol!!

  4. Big loss, loved your blog WR!

  5. I'll miss you, Ramblings. You've posted some very good stuff over the years.

    One suggestion. I'd seriously think about keeping the blog online, even if inactive, just for archive purposes. Please don't let it all go to waste.

  6. Please reconsider

  7. Gutted to see you leave the Welsh blogosphere, WR. I might not necessarily agree with everything you've said down the years, but it was a mainstay for me, and one of the reasons I started blogging myself, along with the likes of MoF, Syniadau and Ordovicius.

    I hope you'll continue to comment on other blogs when the time permits, and perhaps "come out of retirement" at some point in the future.

  8. Thanks for all the comments. Other blogs have come and gone over the years as well. I remember there being loads more, but I've lost enthusiasm for now. It is possible I will start blogging again in the future, perhaps when the Silk Commission recommendations come out. But no firm plans.

  9. I will look forward to your return, always interesting to read and always measured.

  10. Diolch i ti.

    Ond plis paid รข dileu popeth o'r archif.

  11. Trenu mawr ma rhaid gweud. Gobeithio wnei di ail-ysteriad. Bydde'r blogosfer yn ddiflas iawn hebddo ti.